Accounting with Vision

Pinter & Partners is a boutique Chartered Accounting Practice, weathered by experience, strengthened by ongoing training, tailored for doing business and fine tuned the latest technology.


Our small highly-educated dedicated team has the credentials, experience and aptitude to propel your enterprise onto and past your goals.

Our hands-on background with small to medium business and large corporate exposure are the perfect skill mix for high growth SME's

More than meets the eye

Long gone are the days when accountants simply sat back and waited until after the end of the Financial Year. Today’s Business environment requires a management focus from an active and skilled team.

To meet and exceed the demands of a wide variety of clients we have a unique formula of skills, procedures, contacts and associates.


We are not A-typical accountants:

  • Our processes help to train you to use our services less often
  • Bookkeeping is not a service we offer (we refer independent providers)
  • Long term decisions are a major focus of our work
  • Tax is our forte,accounting comes naturally to us
  • We do not offer or refer Financial Planning
  • We never work on a commission basis
  • Systems Systems Systems; from start up to IPO